Jul 2, 2009

Signing Off

Well friends, this is going to be the last post on the The Linen Club. We were supposed to leave for the Bangalore Airport 5 minutes ago so I have to be quick.

Thank you for keeping abreast of our adventures. Now that you've finally learned how to live without us, we're coming back. Pretend to be excited. At least a little. For us.

In less than 24 hours, we'll be back in a garbagey Toronto. At first I was angry (about the garbage strike) but then I realized it will help ease our culture shock, since India has been on garbage strike since forever.

Seriously though, go to India. Though it mostly smells like poo, sometimes it smells really good, like garam masala. That brings me to the first, and last, Linen Club Contest! The first person to reply to this final message will receive a stainless steel container of garam masala that we ground from whole Indian spices today.

Hope to see you all on the other side of the pond.

The Linen Club


  1. YES. see you in La Belle Province....

  2. will miss the blog, and your return. see you soon and wishing you a gentle re entry. xo

  3. can't wait to see you guys. bring your tan's and stories up to our place anytime you like upon re-entry should you need a warm meal and perhaps an infant to pee on you.

    At the very least i guess we'll see you up north next weekend for the 3-way christening?

  4. Do I qualify as the first Indian to post a message on this (teary) last blog?