May 8, 2009

Food of Late

Crazy declicious saffron, cardamom and lemon lassi in Udaipur. So rich. 

Somewhat underwhelming butter chicken at the supposed "Mecca" of butter chicken, Moti Mahal in Delhi.

Really good trail-mix snack in Udaipur- peanuts, golden raisins, sugar, salt.

The ubiquitous chicken lollipop.

Good authentic Japanese vegetarian in Dharamshala. 


  1. I hope you are learning to cook all these things. I would like to sit on the dock of Orchard with a saffron, cardamom, and lemon lassi.

  2. yes please - I am terrified I am going to miss the Indian cooking events while I am away, and you won't want to do it again in September.