Mar 16, 2009

Lessons Learned #1

We have a little motto that helps us through our day to day learning process here in India - "live and learn". Here is a sample of some of our lessons learned to date:

On trains: Avoid mentioning your cell phone number or the name of your hotel. Otherwise, you might find yourself hiding out in your room from overbearing new "friends" who insist you join them for church and Sunday dinner.

On packing: Pack what you think you need, and then take half the clothes and twice the money. We read this on the internet somewhere and have come to believe that it is a wise piece of advice.

On transportation: Don't take treacherous mountain passes at night with drivers who think they are Michael Schumacher.

On health: Buy all your meds in India, not in Canada (especially when you don't have a health plan). There is an abundance of all types of pills, at 1/20th of the price, and you don't need any of those pesky prescriptions.

In general: If they ain't got the goods, don't give them any cash.

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