Mar 16, 2009


We didn't really get the fuss about biryani until we had this one in Kochi. It's known more as a northern/western Muslim specialty, but this family in Kerala has been making biryani for hundreds and hundreds of years. Apparently they are often flown to Dubai, Kuwait, etc... to make biryani at the weddings and feasts of the many Keralites who work in the Gulf.

42 Rs for chicken biryani, 47 Rs for mutton. At first it looks like there's no meat, but it's buried inside the mound of yellow rice. Not a huge piece of meat, but tender that it falls apart when you look at it.

We tried to figure out the ingredients. Definitely small basmati rice, cashews, raisins, pineapple, turmeric, mace, cloves, cardamom. Probably lots more.

You dab your finger in the small watery plate of lemon pickle for a piquant flavor contrast. The red onions are lightly pickled in vinegar.

We back the next day and also ordered fish curry and chicken chili fry. Both really good too.

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  1. I think that place need restaurant makeover to come and do their stuff. Looks like a classroom.