Feb 16, 2009

How It's Made

How It's Made is a favourite show of ours on the Discovery Channel. True to the name, it shows shows viewers how a thing (it) gets made. Various products realize their form after going through different stages of production along miles of assembly lines. You've probably seen it.

So last Wednesday we were delighted to be invited to the factories of two of Ram's companies. (Ram is my godfather, and our gracious host.) We would see, from start to finish, the production of many of their state-of-the-art products.

Seed filter

Oil filter

Dirty --> clean oil

At John Fowler, we were toured through the various production stages of car filters, aircraft filters, and HEPA filters - running our fingers over the vast sheets fibrous paper which is folded thousands of times, accordion-like, before being placed into their metal housing.

All in all, an illuminating tour of all things filter.


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  2. Very cool. Is John Fowler a publicly traded company?